Getting your learners license could become a quick nightmare, if you don’t know the process of attaining your learners license or even understand what to prepare for the learners license test.

Smiles Driving Academy makes getting your Learners License very easy.  (Visit our services page to check out all our packages on offer: )

Smiles Driving Academy would like to share the following things you need to know when choosing a driving school to assist you, with getting your learners license:

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  • Smiles Driving Academy will assist you with getting your learners license test booking within 7 to 14 workdays: Smiles have developed a good relationship with testing centres in the Gauteng province and assist our clients with their learner’s license process every step of the way.

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  • Smiles Driving Academy will provide you with the correct studying material to pass your learners license test the first time: We provide each of our client with a digital copy of the instruction manual to work through and study from.

Why struggle to get your learners license if you live, work or stay in Pretoria or Centurion areas.  Smiles Driving Academy will be able to assist you!

Notice: Smiles Driving Academy is available on WhatsApp! Contact Smiles Driving Academy on WhatsApp by sending us a text message with the learners- or driver’s license package you need more information about, or would like to book.  WhatsApp Us today on +27 82 377 9858 or +27 72 677 4716