Smiles Driving Academy a driving school operating in Pretoria and Centurion areas, is well known for having a high pass rate for both its learners license -and driver license students. This month Smiles Driving Academy is celebrating another great month of happy, successful learners by sharing the following.

These are the 4 Smiles Driving Academy service breakdowns you NEED to know this before choosing your driving school:

1. Learners License:

Smiles Driving Academy will be able to help you get your learners license test booking within 7 to 14 working days! We offer our students the option of taking their learner license tests in a computer-based way. As part of our learner’s license package we provide our learner license student a digital copy of their study materials and practice exams to help them study.

2. Driver’s License:

Smiles Driving Academy doesn’t stop when you get your learners license.  Getting your driver’s license is only the first step in your challenge to get your driver’s license.

We offer a variety of driver’s license packages based on your level of skill and experience with handling your car. Smiles Driving Academy always suggest doing an evaluation session with a Smiles Driving Academy instructor, to make sure you understand from the first step, how much training time you would need, to successfully get your driver’s license the first time.

With our new fleet of cars and experienced instructors, Smiles Driving Academy will support you in the process of successfully getting your Driver’s License.

3. Automatic or Manual:

Each person has their preferred taste in what type of car they would like to take their Driver’s License test.  Manual driving includes swift gear shifts and clutch control. Automatic driving is making sure that your car is in the correct drive to complete your driver’s license test.

Smiles Driving Academy understands you have your preference and we would like to accommodate you.

4. We offer Motorcycle, Car and Cars towing trailers focused driving instructions:

Smiles Driving Academy would be able to assist you in getting your learners- and driver’s license for the following driver’s license codes.

Code A: Motorcycle, Code B: Car and Code EB: Car towing a trailer.

Always Remember: Smiles Driving Academy is available on WhatsApp!

Contact Smiles Driving Academy on WhatsApp by sending us a text message with the learners- or drivers license package you need more information about, or would like to book. 

WhatsApp Us today on +27 82 377 9858 or +27 72 677 4716

Make the right choice when choosing a Driving School. Smiles Driving Academy is a preferred Driving School with a very high pass rate.   Take our client word for it, visit our Facebook Page and check out our amazing client reviews: