Taking the driving license test (also known as road test or behind-the-wheel test) can be very daunting for learners of all ages! Smiles Driving Academy wants to ensure that you don’t only enjoy your experience, but that you have all the right knowledge, tools, and experience to get your driver’s license the first time! J

With more than 14 years of experience in the Learners and Driver’s License training industry, Smiles Driving Academy wants to help you get ready for your driver’s license test, by sharing the following 5 tips.

These tips are things that you need to keep in mind before making your driver’s license test booking:

  1. The Learners License Test was the Easy Part:
    1. Many students are shocked by the idea that the written test, is the easy part, knowledge is only part of the skillset you need to master. Knowing how to apply the theory that you have learned will take practise.
    2. Keep all your theoretical knowledge in mind, as you’re going to need all the information you have learned to navigate the roads when you start with your practise.


  1. Get lots of practice:
    1. Make sure that you make full use of your learners permit the moment you receive yours. Yes, you need a learner’s permit to be able to make a booking for your driver’s license test.
    2. If you get lots of practise, you will feel comfortable and confident behind the wheel of your motorcycle, or car. Being comfortable and confident in your driving knowledge is by far, the best way to guarantee you getting your driver’s license the first time.


  1. Vacant parking lots are the best locations to practise:
    1. Usually corporate office parking lots should be empty over weekends and are great for practising your driving skills, especially the parking techniques that form part of your driver’s license test.


  1. Get Help from friends and family that already have their driver’s license:
    1. When you’re driving around with a person that has a valid driver’s license, ask them to help you with your training! Ask the person to grade you, on every little mistake. Make sure they understand it’s not about hurting your feelings, but helping you become a better student driver.
    2. Don’t take any feedback as negative. Work through all the critique and work it into your practise, and use the feedback to improve your driving skills.
    3. Keep in mind, the day you go for your driving test, that the test instructor wont spare your feelings. They mark to fail.  If you are able to keep your wits about you and push through, you will get your driver’s license the first time! J


  1. Make Sure To Work With The Correct Driving School
    1. The best piece of advice we would be able to supply any student with is to work with the correct driving school or academy.
    2. From parking techniques to observation skills, you need all these points to ensure that you have a successful first test.
    3. The instructors from Smiles Driving Academy for example know the areas and test routes used by the test instructors. Ensuring that the students know what to expect and which items to watch out for during their driver’s license test.
    4. The knowledge that you could gain from a driving academy with enough history is incalculable. They would be able to give you tips and tricks to make sure you rock your driver’s license test.

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