Smiles Driving Academy, one of the favoured driving schools in Pretoria and Centurion areas and much loved by local drivers helps out again! Before you jump in and start planning your first road trip away from home, you still need to get your learner permit and then your drivers license to be a legal road user.

The Smiles Driving Academy team repeatedly gets this question and decided to help with some basic insights.

What is a learner’s permit?

A learner’s permit as we know or locally referred to as a learner’s license or provisional license is better explained as a limited license. a Learners permit is given to a learner driver who passed the official learners license test, to prove that they have the basic knowledge ready to start learning, how to drive in an actual car, on the open roads.  This learner driver will need to be assisted by a person with a legal driver’s license as its illegal to drive on the roads without a legal drivers license.

Why is a learner’s permit step 1?

A Learners Permit is step one, as it tests your general knowledge in regards to road signs, the rules of the road, and the basics of your car’s functionality.  For example, where is your steering wheel, and what the accelerator is for?

How many students pass their learners permit the first time?

Smiles Driving Academy gets its popularity because we have a very high first-time pass rate, for both learners and drivers license students going for the first time.  The Smiles Driving Academy pass rate for first-time learners are close to 98% and we ensure that our students are ready for their tests.  We base our training on the level of understanding that the learner already has, and build from that point.

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