Smiles Driving Academy is celebrating 2020 by making it even easier to get your learners and driver’s license! Smiles Driving Academy understands that each student is different and comes with a different level of experience when starting with their driver’s license lessons. 

This year Smiles Driving Academy offers each new student a discount when they book their learners license package plus their evaluation lesson for their bike, car or car towing a trailer.

Contact the Smiles Driving Academy office today or chat with us on WhatsApp to find out how you can save by booking both your learners license package and your driver’s license evaluation lesson.

Phone or WhatsApp Us today on +27 82 377 9858 or +27 72 677 4716

Why not use the same service provider to help you get both your learners and drivers license?!  Take the hassle out of getting your learners and drivers licenses!

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Save today and contact Smiles Driving Academy for your Learners and Drivers License for your motorcycle, cars and cars, towing a trailer.