Smiles Driving Academy, a well known and loved local driving school operating in Pretoria and Centurion area, operating 7 days a week would love to share the following three tips in preparation for your driver’s license:

  • You need to keep calm:  Even after you made a mistake. If you make a mistake and it’s not an immediate fail, you can focus on not losing any more points than necessary and still get your driver’s license.
  • Get an evaluation lesson from a driving school like Smiles Driving Academy with qualified driving instructors.  You could go for an evaluation lesson and know what your chance of success at the actual test is or you will have to use a driving school to help you after you failed your test the first time.
  • Do Mock Tests with a qualified instructor. Doing a mock car driver’s license test with a qualified instructor will give you better insight into what areas you still need to work on, to successfully get your driver’s license the first time.

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