Code EB Drivers License Options Available:

  • WHAT IS EB CODE? The Code EB Drivers License allows you to tow a caravan or trailer that has a combined gross vehicle mass (GVM) of up to 3500 kg, the tare weights of the tow vehicle and caravan combined.
  • EB Code Drivers Learners License and EB Code Drivers License Options Available.
  • Yes you need to your EB Code Learners License before going for the EB Code Drivers License Test.
  • We dont offer Code 10 or Code 12.
  • We offer a variety of drivers license options completely based on your level of skill and experience. Smiles Driving Academy always suggest doing an evaluation session with a Smiles Driving Academy instructor, to make sure you understand from the first step, how much training time you would need, to successfully get your driver’s license the first time.

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Are you living in the Pretoria and Centurion and looking for a Driving School to help you with the process of getting your EB Code learners license or EB Code drivers license? Then you are at the right place.

Get your EB Code Drivers License with Smiles Driving Academy to tow a trailer

With an EB licence you’re allowed to tow a caravan or trailer that has a collective total vehicle mass, or GVM (the combined tare weights of the tow vehicle and caravan), of up to 3500 kg.

The answer to the question we receive most is, yes you need a code 2 or code3 learners license before you would be able to get your EB Coder driver’s license. Get your EB Code license, before you get in trouble; with the revised laws in South Africa regarding what you may or may not tow in terms of weight could put you on the wrong side of the law very easily, even if you only tow a light luggage trailer.

Smiles Driving Academy provides the trailer while training our Smiles Driving Academy Students at our Smiles Driving Academy training grounds.  Smiles Driving Academy makes getting your EB Code Drivers License, fast, easy and convenient.  (Visit our Learners License webpage to get in contact with Smiles Driving Academy today:  https://smilesdrivingacademy.co.za/eb-code-drivers-license/  )

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