Road signs or Traffic signs are symbols set up at the side of roads to provide info to road users. Because of the increased speed of our daily transportation and the inclination for countries to adopt graphical signs to simplify and facilitate travel, where specifically language differences can create misunderstanding and in general to reduce the risks of bad driving.

To show just how quickly road signs can become funny, we would like to share the following three designs:

  1. Is that a Baboon? It happens when the creative and the directives misunderstand each other.
  2. Cow Racing, are we still in SA? This popular road sign can be viewed on your way from Carolina to Machadodorp in the Mpumalanga province where cow racing under the local farmers are still very popular.
  3. Am I drunk or what did I just see? You know the local people likes a drink … or two … of three as you will be able to see this road sign in Lydenburg to warn drivers.

We hope you have a Smile on your face!

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