You just turned 17 and decided it is time to start driving yourself and not be as dependent on your parents to transport you everywhere you want to go!  This is an exciting part of your journey as part of becoming a grown up and with Smiles Driving Academy, we want our learners to enjoy this challenge and we want to help them get their learners license the first time.

Two questions we frequently get are:

  1. If you need a learners license and
  2. How many students pass the learner’s license test the first time?

Yes, you need a learners license to start driving under the supervision of a person with a valid South African drivers license.  If you don’t have a learners license you won’t be able to take the drivers license test.

When taking a closer look at the actual learners license test, we accommodate our learners in the following ways to give them all the extra support they need to get their learners license the first time. 

  • Smiles Driving Academy offers a computerized learners license test options to choose from. 
  • Smiles Driving Academy gives you all your training material and previous example tests to use as part of your studies.  If you do your part and study the material you will be able to get your learners’ license the first time.

Get your learners license the first time, with a team dedicated to getting you through this challenge. Smiles Driving Academy is ready to assist you today!

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