Heavy Motor Vehicle: Did you notice the different hours?


Did you know, that Smiles Driving Academy offers Heavy Motor Vehicle (code 10) learners and drivers license services? We have a wide range of service packages that is focused on the level of driving experience of each new student.


For advanced students, package one would be perfect, it includes 2-hours of driving lessons to finish off the advanced drivers experience and get the student ready for their exam.  If you have no experience and have never driven any form of a motorcar or heavy motor vehicle, our package 4 which includes 10-hours’ worth of driving time would be better suited.


Check out how each package offers a different amount of hours, to suit the need of each new student:  https://smilesdrivingacademy.co.za/product-category/heavy-motor-vehicle-code-c1-code-10/ – we would suggest an evaluation lesson with one of our instructors to ensure you as a student know, how much work you would need to get your drivers license the first time!

BUT SMILES DRIVING ACADEMY doesn’t stop there! We also offer code EC1, which is a Heavy Motor Vehicle, towing a trailer! This is a more advance package and allows you as a heavy motor vehicle driver to tow a trailer!  For more about the packages that we offer, visit https://smilesdrivingacademy.co.za/product-category/heavy-motor-vehicle-code-ec1-code-10-trailer/

If you’re not sure what option would work better for you, get in contact with the Smiles Driving Academy Team today on:

Facebook:  facebook.com/smilesdrivingacademy

Instagram: instagram.com/smilesdrivingacademy/

Website:  smilesdrivingacademy.co.za

WhatsApp: 072 677 4716 / 082 377 9858

Email: info@smilesdrivingacademy.co.za

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