How long does it take to get my learners and driver’s license?

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January 19, 2021
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February 5, 2021
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How long does it take to get my learners and driver’s license?

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Smiles Driving Academy has established great relationships with the testing centres in Gauteng and will be able to support clients with fast turnaround times on their learners and driver’s license bookings.

Normally, a booking date for a learners or driver’s license appointment could make you wait up to three months for a suitable test date. Smiles Driving Academy would assist you in getting a date, as fast as 7 to 21 workdays.

Smiles Driving Academy offers a range of service options to get your learners license and drivers license. We also have options where our friendly team works through the learner’s material to get you on the correct level to successfully get your learners the first time. 

Smiles Driving Academy has driver’s license lessons for motorcycles, cars and cars towing a trailer. For more of our various options, visit our services page on:

Get your learners or driver’s license fast, the first time with Smiles Driving Academy!

Contact Smiles Driving Academy:

Phone or WhatsApp by sending us a text message with the learners- or driver’s license package you need more information about, or would like to book +27 82 377 9858 or +27 72 677 4716 Or email us at

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