How to approach driving a motorcycle for the first time?

Smiles Driving Academy operating in the bigger Pretoria and Centurion area offers motorcycle learners and drivers licenses as part of their service offering.  We receive loads of first-time motorcycle drivers that have never touched a motorcycle before their first day of training!

Here are a few tips, when you’re going for your first motorcycle lesson and want to know, how do I approach driving a motorcycle?

Step 1: Safety first, let’s gear up. Motorcycling comes with a certain amount of risk, which means the protective gear is a must.  Keep in mind a Helmet, a Jacket, and Gloves for example are the basics.

Step 2: Each motorcycle is different.  Like choosing a car to drive, you need to find a motorcycle that will work for you! Are you more focused on speed and comfort or off-road experience? The Smiles Driving Academy instructor would be able to help you understand why the type of motorcycle would work best for a new driver.

Step 3: Learn to Brake. Before you can really do anything, you need to understand your motorcycle and its steering.  Where do you brake, how do you brake and what do you need to keep in mind when breaking, these are the first things you will take a look at.

Step 4: Gearing up and speeding off, learning about Clutch and Throttle. We covered how to stop, but now we need to understand, how we pull away and how the motorcycle’s gears operate.

Step 5: Turning. The moment you understand your motorcycle’s operations, you need to focus on turning without falling over.

Step 6: As with any new skills that you develop, you need to Practice, Practice, Practice.

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