We are celebrating Human Rights this March month in South Africa and would like to mention two reasons why it’s important that each person using the South African roads are legally road ready.

Our main reason would be to ensure that each person arrives safely at their destinations, no matter if you are traveling a short or a very long distance. Visit our article Basic Human Rights to a safe road that was published earlier this month: ( Read the article by visiting https://smilesdrivingacademy.co.za/celebrating-our-rights-to-a-safe-road ) in this article we mentioned some of the road and accident statistics for the holiday seasons.  The more people that driver illegally or without the proper road knowledge, the more accidents and deaths will happen on the South African roads.

Our second reason would be for each person to be able to understand the road signs that is used on our South African roads.  If you don’t know the basics such as stop streets and speed limits, it won’t take long for the driver to become involved in an accident.  If you cause an accident and it causes the death of another driver or passenger, you could be legally prosecuted and receive jail time.

Smiles Driving Academy supports prospective drivers on their journey to get their legal driving permit or license. We help our client sometimes within 7 to 14 workdays to get their learners or driver’s license permits dependent on their level or driving experience.

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