You’re the right age and need to get help getting your drivers license. You start up your Google search engine with the search; Driving School Near Me! Boom Smiles Driving Academy as the main search result Pops Up!

The first thing you will be asking at this point, would be, WHY DO I NEED A LEARNERS LICENSE? Can’t I just stick to getting my drivers license? The most basic answer to this question would be you need a learner’s license to be able to make a booking to take your drivers license.

Learners License tests are based on making sure that you have a firm grip of the K53 rules of the road. This test is focused on testing you in various areas, including your understanding of road signs, driving etiquette, and various driving instruments.

Smiles Driving Academy has three learners license options for potential new clients. All three packages include electronic study materials and the booking fee of the learners license test, as well as the setup of the test with the help of Smiles Driving Academy.

The main difference in these packages would be, that Smiles Driving Academy includes transportation for the student on the test day, to and from the testing grounds in the last two package options, and the third package includes a three-hour class at the Smiles Driving Academy office.

For more information about our packages and what our services for each of these include, visit our package options page on our new Smiles Driving Academy Website: or whatsapp us at 072 677 4716 / 082 377 9858