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With new technology everything becomes much easier.  This principle also applies to cars and how we drive on the roads every day. The choice between getting a manual or automatic drivers license is completely up to your preference of driving.  Some of our clients prefer manual, and having more control over the gears of the car, while others prefer automatic and how convenient it is to drive an automatic car on busy roads.

The Smiles Driving Academy fleet offers our clients both options, and allows them to get their training and drivers license in the type of car they prefer.  We have multiple options between automatic and manual driving options for you to choose from:

To view our automatic package options visit:

More specifically, the packages are based on the number of hours, a new student would need, to get ready, to pass their drivers license test the first time!

For manual drivers packages visit:

Or go straight to our Smiles Driving Academy E-Commerce shop and book your preferred service directly from us online.

All of our packages are developed to build up a new drivers level of confidence behind the steering wheel and ensuring that each student is test ready by the time they have to go for their drivers license test.  The Smiles Driving Academy team always suggests to new students, to go for the 2-hour evaluation lesson.  The instructor would very quickly be able to suggest what package would be best suited to your needs!

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