Motorcycle Learners - and Drivers License Options Available:

  • Code A - Motorcycle (Bike ) Learner License and Drivers License Options available from Smiles Driving Academy.
  • Use our Smiles Driving Academy motorcycle or your own motorcycle for the lessons and motorcycle drivers license test.
  • We dont offer Code 10 or Code 12.
  • We offer a variety of motorcycle drivers license options completely based on your level of skill and experience. Smiles Driving Academy always suggest doing an evaluation session with a Smiles Driving Academy instructor, to make sure you understand from the first step, how much training time you would need, to successfully get your driver’s license the first time.

    Get your drivers license the first time with the Smiles Driving Academy team.

    Our Qualified Instructors will support you in the process of getting your drivers license.

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Smiles Driving Academy servicing people in the Pretoria and Centurion areas looking for a Driving School to help them with the process of getting their Code A Motorcycle Learners License or Code A Motorcycle Drivers License.

Get your motorcycle Learners License or drivers license with Smiles fast!

A Motorcycle regularly also referred to as a bike or motorbike, is a two wheeled, sometimes three wheeled motored vehicle.  Because of the big difference between driving a car and a motorcycle, you need a specific Code 1 learner’s license and Code 1 driver’s license to legally drive a motorcycle on our South African Roads.

Smiles Driving Academy goes the extra mile for students in Pretoria and Centurion areas by allowing the use of the Smiles Driving Academy motorcycle or their own motorcycle for training purposes as well as going for the test.

Smiles Driving Academy makes getting your Motorcycle Learners License, fast, easy and convenient.  (Visit our Learners License webpage to get in contact with Smiles Driving Academy today: )

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