Before you’re able to reach your dream of driving down the long, winding roads of Pretoria, you need to get your learner’s license and driver’s license. Getting a learners license is easy with the correct team, but before we discuss Smiles, let’s put a smile on your face and see if you know the following question:

  1. What type of requirement is compulsory regarding triangles on motor vehicles?
    1. Only vehicles carrying passengers for reward must carry triangles.
    2. Every heavy motor vehicle with a GVM exceeding 3500kg must carry emergency warning signs (triangles).
    3. Triangles are not compulsory.

Smiles Driving Academy is based in Pretoria and services the Pretoria and Centurion areas.  We assist learners with getting their learners and driver’s license.  The Smiles Driving Academy team believes that each student should enjoy the experience, which means they need support every step of the way in making their dreams to get a driver’s license a reality.

  • The correct answer to the above question is the option: B.

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