What you need to know:

  1. Booking Fee: Included in Package
  2. Lesson Hours: 2 Hour Lesson included in Package.
  3. Drivers License Test: Done with Smiles Motorcycle.  We will meet you at the testing station before your test.
  4. Testing Centre: Kempton Park

Please note:

  • We prefer to do a 1-hour driving lesson to evaluate your driving skills in order to be able to choose the package that would suit you best. This could form part of the package you choose.
  • That no refunds will be made once the booking process has started.
  • Dates cannot always be chosen, but we do however get the appointment booked much faster than usual.
  • A booking cannot be canceled once it has been made.
  • Photos/Copies or license issuing (R228) are not included in any packages.
  • Should you require a customized package, please do not hesitate to contact us.