The Smiles Driving Academy team works with students of every age and we understand after years of experience how difficult it may become to understand all the different service options and where or how it fits together.

Get to know Smiles Driving Academy better by understanding the following services and make it easy to book your service option with us:

  • 1. Learners License
    • You need to get a learners license before you would be allowed to go for your driver’s license test. Smiles Driving Academy gives you the choice of deciding which type of test you will be most comfortable with, the hand written learner’s license test or the computer based learners license test.
    • Smiles Driving Academy handles the booking process for you and provides you with transport to your learner’s license test on the test date.
  • 2. Driver’s License
    • After getting your learners license, you would be able to go for your driver’s license test.  We offer various variants on this service options to our clients:
      • Car:  What car are you most comfortable with, an automatic or manual car, see the next point below.
      • Testing Station:  Smiles Driving Academy gives you the choice of where you would like to go for your driver’s license tests.
      • Level of Experience:  None of our students are the same.  Some of our students have previous driving experience or gets more opportunity to practise their driving skills.  We offer driver’s license packages to people with every level of driving experience.  If it’s the first time getting behind a steering wheel, we will be able to coach you and you will get your driver license the first time, if you follow our experienced trainers’ instructions.
  • 3. Automatic or Manual
    • You will be able to choose between a manual / stick driving car and an automatic car.  The key difference between an automatic and a manual transmission is the system the car uses to change gears.
      • In an automatic transmission, the car automatically selects when you change gears and then applies these gear changes for you.
      • In a manual transmission car, you as the driver are responsible for shifting the gears using the clutch and gas pedals.
  • 4. Motorcycle, Motorcar or Motorcar towing a trailer
    • We offer learners license and drivers licence packages for the following codes:
      • Code A:  Is for driving a Motorcycle
      • Code B:  Is for driving a Small Passenger Car
      • Code EB: Is for driving a Small Passenger Car while towing a trailer of a certain weight limit.
    • Please note:  Smiles Driving Academy DOES NOT offer code 10 learners of driver’s license options.

*Smiles Driving Academy’s package option available:  (Visit our services page to check out all our packages on offer: )

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