Smiles Driving Academy always undertakes to keep our digital engagement with clients as easy as possible.  When you’re looking for a certain service and want to know more about that specific service, you should be able to navigate to the information you’re looking for quickly and easily!

Smiles Driving Academy encourages clients to visit our website for extended information about our service offering and the areas that we operate from.

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The Smiles Driving Academy team made this page as easy as possible to use. The first thing you will notice on our Shop page, is that our service offering is categorised into the following categories:

  1. Learners License,
  2. Motorcycle License Code A,
  3. Normal Car License Code B,
  4. Drivers Automatic Code B,
  5. Drivers License Code EB,
  6. Heavy Motor Vehicle Code C1,
  7. Heavy Motor Vehicle Code EC1

You will then notice, that each of these categories showcase our service packages available in that specific category! That means after two clicks on our Smiles Driving Academy you will be at the point of information you would be looking for.

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