Smiles Driving Academy, a loved and well-reviewed Driving School is taking on December with a Smile.  Yes it’s been a rough year and covid-19 has generated a lot of trouble, but with Smiles Driving Academy it’s never been an option to frown!  (To see some of our outstanding client reviews visit our FB Page: )

We made sure to follow Covid-19 social distancing methods and kept our students smiling and save through the toughest times this year had to offer.  One of our students earlier this year stated that even though everyone was stressed, the great Smiles Driving Academy instructors still kept her smiling and helped her achieve both her learner’s license and driver’s license the first time.

Smiles Driving Academy offers you a great opportunity to get your learners license or driver’s license with our team of qualified instructors, ensuring that each and every lesson is encouraged and optimally advantageous to you as our student, guaranteeing you gain as much knowledge in our sessions as possible.

We offer the following services: Get your learners license for a motorcycle, car or a car towing a trailer.  We also offer various options to help you get your driver’s license and have automatic cars for those students that don’t want to drive a manual car. (For more information visit our Smiles Driving Academy Website to see what package options we have available for you: )

We encourage all our future students to take on this December with Smiles Driving Academy! We operate in Centurion and Pretoria areas and have various options for pick-ups for car license and learner’s license classes and tests making student bookings very convenient for both students and parents!

Contact Smiles Driving Academy today! (Visit our services page to check out all our packages on offer:

WhatsApp SMILES DRIVING ACADEMY NOW on +27 82 377 9858 or +27 72 677 4716

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