Terms and Conditions


Hereby confirmed the terms and conditions for all Smiles Driving Academy services.

Please familiarize yourself with the following, by accepting our service the following terms and conditions will apply. 

  1. All lessons arranged must be cancelled AT LEAST 48 hours prior to lesson date and time arranged, or I will be liable for the payment of the full lesson fee. (any cancellations must be made with the owner of the business, Martin Cronje 072 677 4716.) (LEARNERS AND LICENSE)
  2. Lessons cannot be changed from 2 hours to 1 hour on the lesson date.
  3. Only if there is a medical emergency or I am sick with doctor letter, will the lesson be moved without a charge. (LEARNERS AND LICENSE)
  4. I understand that the driving schools programs are quite busy and hereby accept that I will lose lesson time if I am late for my lesson.
  5. I understand that the lesson will start on the time booked and will finish 2 hours later.
  6. I understand that an eye test will be done when we go and make a booking, and I will be charged R250 if I have to be taken again to book if I fail the eye test (an eye test certificate can be brought with on booking date to play safe). (LEARNERS AND LICENSE)
  7. I understand that if my paperwork as sent to me is not in order when the driving school takes me to book, that I will be charged extra R250 to be taken to book on another day. (paperwork can be sent to instructor beforehand to know if all is correct). (LEARNERS AND LICENSE)
  8. I accept that if I am unable to book due to fines on my name, that I will be charged R250 to be taken to book again once I have paid my fines.
  9. I accept that if there is a family emergency, that the lesson still has to be cancelled within 24 hours, or will be charged the full arranged lesson fee. (LEARNERS AND LICENSE)
  10. I understand that I cannot hold the driving school responsible for any accident to me or my vehicle OR myself in any accident might occur.
  11. The driving schools vehicles are under driving school insurance and accidents that are not made intentionally or due to driver irresponsive actions will not be charged to clients (I should thus listen to my instructor). Should there be an accident in my learning proccess which the instructor could have avoided, then I will not be charged.
  12. I understand that should my bike/car test not happen due to rain, “offline” or faulty cables (or power out) that I will be charged R450 to redo the test on another given day.
  13. I understand that if the date has been arranged online, and client cancels with us without going through to confirm the booking on their own then, that I will be charged R250 as Admin fee in order to rebook the date for the client again.
  14. Please note that Parking fees (normally R30/R35 at some practice places) are not included or part of the driving school’s fee and payable by the client in cash.
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