The Main Difference between Code C1 and Code EC1

Smiles Driving Academy loves educating our students and always wants to ensure that they understand what service they have signed up for. The Smiles team dedicate itself to double-checking that students know what the service includes when they choose to use Smiles Driving Academy to help them get their learners or drivers license.

One of the biggest repeats questions our Smiles Team deals with would be:  What is the MAIN difference between Code C1 (Heavy Motor Vehicle License) and Code EC1 ( Heavy Motor Vehicle License towing a trailer )

Let’s break this question down:  Both Code C1 and Code EC1 allow you to drive a heavy motor vehicle.  This license allows you to drive a heavy motor vehicle at maximum weight.

The main difference would be that the Code EC1 allows you to also tow a trailer on the Heavy Motor Vehicle. Allowing you to transport a greater amount of goods across the South African roadways.

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