Smiles Driving Academy is a well-known local Driving School based in Pretoria and operates in the bigger Pretoria and Centurion areas of Gauteng. After more than a decade of service delivery, we would like to make the following facts clear.
What services does Smiles Driving Academy offer:
1. Learners and Drivers License services for the following categories
a. Motorcycle – Code A
b. Normal Car – Code B
c. Automatic Car – Code B
d. Normal Car Towing a Trailer – Code EB
e. Heavy Motor Vehicle – Code C1 / Code 10
f. Heavy Motor Vehicle Towing a Trailer – Code EC1
For more detailed information about our services, visit our online shop:
What services Smiles Driving Academy doesn’t offer:
1. We don’t offer license renewals.
2. We don’t offer normal car license disc renewals.
3. We don’t work in any areas not included in our list: – this list of areas is the only area, we cover in our training. You need to live, study or, work in one of our areas to qualify for our services.
If you are unsure of any of our services or areas, please feel free to send us a WhatsApp to 072 677 4716 / 082 377 9858 with your questions, and one of our friendly Smiles Driving Academy Team members will respond to you!
You will be able to find more information about Smiles Driving Academy on:
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