Smiles Driving Academy has developed a range of service packages to suit potential client needs. Our range of Drivers License Services is based on how advanced each new learner is and how many hours or lessons that learner would need, to get their drivers license the first time.

Our drivers license services include motorcycle driver license, aimed at helping you get your motorcycle drivers license. We offer classes for both people that own motorcycles or need to use Smiles Driving Academy’s motorcycle to do their tests.

Smiles Drivers License Options doesn’t stop at motorcycles, we also offer motor car, manual and automatic drivers license options. We have a range of Smiles Driving Academy cars that we use to train our new learners.  For motor cars we also offer drivers license service options for people interested in getting their drivers license for a car towing a trailer, which is a drivers license code on its own.

If this doesn’t confirm your opinion that Smiles Driving Academy is the logical choice, then take a look at some of our happy client reviews available on our

Arno Delport – says the following:

“Best Driving School in Pretoria. Hands Down!

Outstanding service and outstanding people. Quick and uninterrupted communication. Would recommend to everyone!

Big thanks to my instructor Thiean, very understanding but enforces enough discipline to get you where you need to be in time for your test. It feels like a team effort instead of it being your problem if you pass or not.

Thank you guys so much! And I hope you allow more people to pass their driving and learner tests stress free!”

Christopher Stevens – says the following:

“Amazing exprience with smiles, Thiean is the best, awesome instructor, I would highly recommend anyone to go with him. He makes lessons fun and helps you a hell of a lot….

Thanks so much to Thiean for the lessons and helping me get my license.”

For more information visit our new Smiles Driving Academy Website: or whatsapp us at 072 677 4716 / 082 377 9858