Why would I drive an automatic car?

Smiles Driving Academy wants to shift the focus to automatic motors! The Smiles Driving Academy still receives a lot of questions regarding the choice between a normal transmission motor and an automatic motor.

  1. What is an automatic car? A motor car with an automatic transmission that doesn’t need a driver to shift gears manually. This means you will have more time to focus on all the other components of driving.


  1. Why would I drive an automatic car? Automatic cars are great for a number of reasons. If you drive a lot in traffic, it saves you from constant clutch control and an automatic car is great for nervous drivers on the road.  Also, keep in mind automatic transmission systems are standard in most of the newer cars on the road.

Smiles Driving Academy offers their clients training in both manual and automatic transmission systems, and allows you to decide what transmission system works best for you! https://smilesdrivingacademy.co.za/product-category/drivers-automatic/ – also check out the prices for our automatic service options.

If you have more questions regarding automatic learners or drivers licenses feel free to contact us today! info@smilesdrivingacademy.co.za or WhatsApp 072 677 4716 / 082 377 9858

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